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When I was little, I believed in all those fairytales. How you can find your prince charming and live a happy life, ride away in the sunset. You know, typical fairytales But honestly, that’s all it is, a fairytale. Heartbreak after heartbreak, player after player. I thought, that’s outrageous. All guys will hurt you, all guys do you wrong in some way. These guys will tear you down. Say anything whether it’s calling you ugly or him telling you everything he doesnt like about you. It brings you down. The things that make you are the things that he wants to change about you. It’s not easy to find your soul mate. Sometimes he is right in front of your face. Or it was bad timing and something happened. Maybe you two had a horrible break up, maybe you guys had a small fight but never made up. All I know is we spend our whole lives trying to find this person. Our other half. Our soulmate. Some get lucky, others miss their opportunity or chance. If you find someone on your mind even after long periods of time

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